Amelia Earhart (TV 1976)

Release date: 10. 25. 1976
Release year: 0
Type: tv_show
Rating: 7/10
Runtime: 150 min
Genre: Biography, Drama,
Language: English,
Country: USA,



Biography follows the life of famed woman pilot Amelia Earhart, including her marriage to a famous publisher and her disappearance during a flight in 1937.

Amelia Earhart (TV 1976) movie trailer



Susan Clark->Amelia Earhart, John Forsythe->G.P. Putnam, Stephen Macht->Paul Mantz, Susan Oliver->Neta Snook 'Snookie', Catherine Burns->Pidge Earhart, Jane Wyatt->Amy Earhart, Charles Aidman->Mr. Earhardt, Eddie Barth->Sid Isaacs, David Huffman->Radio Operator, Bill Vint->Fred Norman, Jack Colvin->Wilmer Stultz, Kip Niven->Allen Bradford, John Archer->Dr. Paterson, Florida Friebus->Miss Perkins, Lance Kerwin->David Putnam,


Carol Sobieski,


George Schaefer,

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