Release date: 04. 27. 2010
Release year: 2010
Type: movie
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 14 min
Genre: Short, Crime, Drama,
Language: English,
Country: Canada,



An older priest finds himself mixed up on the wrong side of an illegal passport operation with a younger woman. His relationship with the woman disintegrates as the deal goes bad and he begins to recollect his final moment of faith: a mudslide that wiped out a whole town, driving the sole survivor to commit suicide. He realizes what it is to be a penitent and what it is to be lost. If there is adoration for God and money for the flock, what is left for a humble priest? What is there for the man who seeks to help? When the woman decides that it would be easier to turn pigeon, the Padre is forced to make his final decision of survival. Written by Anonymous  

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Darby MacInnis,


Darby MacInnis,

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