I Am Musical

Release date: 01. 01. 1970
Release year: 2010
Type: movie
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 27 min
Genre: Short, Musical,
Language: English,
Country: USA,



Liz Daniels has always wanted to sing and dance on stage. After arriving at her new school, Bobby Kennedy High, Liz soon realizes the road to her dream isn't the smoothest journey. She must contest with the experienced and bitter rival, Lauren Baker, who does not take kindly to new competition to her star status. Liz's drama teacher, Mr. Fountain, also isn't the most pleasing person at school either. After failing the audition for the fall musical, Liz tries to regather her confidence with the help of TJ, the school's most popular boy, who also happens to be Lauren's ex. The two experience a romantic bond on the schools rooftop after their first date. But when TJ takes things too far, Liz realizes his true intentions and ends the date early. TJ shows up later that week at Liz's work, however he is not alone, Lauren is grinning eagerly on his arm. Liz vows that she will take her revenge during the spring musical audition... Written by Angelina Ryan  

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Lindsey Curley->Lauren Baker, Emily Price->Liz Daniels, Paul Savory->TJ, Mark Shannon->Mr. Fountain,


Chelsea Ryan, John Murphy,


Chelsea Ryan,

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