N.N. (TV Series 1990–1995)

Release date: 01. 01. 1970
Release year: 0
Type: tv_show
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 0 min
Genre: Comedy, Musical,
Language: Spanish,
Country: Colombia,



Colombian Sitcom focused on the adventures and misadventures of Nerón Navarrete,(A.K.A. "NN") a nice and playful gambler with huge desire to overcome, which comes from the countryside to the city. His clumsiness, because of many contradictions, only equal to the tenderness of her character, always polite, which makes engaging in all sorts of crazy situations in their quest to conquer the world. Written by Nolberto Roa  

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Germán Escallón->Nerón Navarrete 'N.N.', Jorge Herrera->Júpiter Cancino, Flor Vargas->Doña Rotunda Altocopete, Irma Cristancho->Hermelinda Altocopete, María Cristina Gálvez->Juliana Altocopete, Manuel Arias->Chopán, Consuelo Botero->Mericita, Gloria Stella Cárdenas->Maritza, Jairo Florian->Plácido Mora, Juan Pablo Franco->Serafín Fajardo, Lucero Galindo->Odalisca, Marina García->Doña Pomponia, Deisy Lemus->Carlota, Carlos Medina->Don Carambolas, Haltzman Nuñez->Andamio,


Germán Escallón, Malcolm Aponte,


Malcolm Aponte, Herminio Barrera,

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