O Estranho Mundo de Zé do Caixão

O Estranho Mundo de Zé do Caixão

Release date: 11. 25. 1968
Release year: 1968
Type: movie
Rating: 7/10
Runtime: 80 min
Genre: Horror,
Language: Portuguese,
Country: Brazil,



A triptych explores the dark side. In "The Dollmaker," when four tough guys set out to rob a dollmaker, they're sidetracked by his beautiful daughters. While assaulting the women, they discover how the dollmaker gets such life-like eyes in his dolls. In "Obsession," a lame and destitute balloon man falls in love from afar. When this young woman is murdered, he visits her crypt clutching a pair of her shoes - to dress or undress her? In "Theory," Professor Oaxiac Odez invites a journalist and his wife to see evidence of the professor's theory that instinct is more powerful than reason. He locks up his guests for a week of deprivation to see if love can overcome all. Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>  

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Vany Miller->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Verônica Krimann->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Paula Ramos->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Esmeralda Ruchel->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Luís Sérgio Person->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Mário Lima->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Rosalvo Caçador->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Tony Cardi->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Messias de Melo->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), Leila de Oliveira->(segment "O Fabricante de Bonecas"), George Michel Serkeis->(segment "Tara"), Íris Bruzzi->(segment "Tara"), Arnaldo Brasil->(segment "Tara"), Ana María->(segment "Tara"), Pontes Santos->(segment "Tara"),


Rubens Francisco Luchetti, José Mojica Marins,


José Mojica Marins,

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