O Exorcismo Negro

O Exorcismo Negro

Release date: 12. 23. 1974
Release year: 1974
Type: movie
Rating: 6/10
Runtime: 100 min
Genre: Horror,
Language: Portuguese,
Country: Brazil,



José Mojica Marins, a director of horror films about the diabolical Coffin Joe, is spending Christmas with friends. Household members go violently mad for no reason: first grandpa, then the hosts' daughters, one of whom, Vilma, is about to get married. Mojica discovers that Vilma's mother made a pact with a witch in order to become pregnant with Vilma, promising this first-born child to Satan; her impending marriage to a human is stirring up things supernatural. It what seems like a dream, Mojica enters a bacchanal in which an entranced Vilma is about to wed to Satan's son; the master of ceremonies is none other than Coffin Joe. Can Mojica defeat his own creation and save Vilma? Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>  

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José Mojica Marins->Ze do Caixao, Agenor Alves Ariane Arantes Geórgia Gomide->Lucia, Luiz Karlo Wanda Kosmo->Malvina, Rubens Francisco Luchetti Merisol Marins Alcione Mazzeo Marcelo Picchi Joffre Soares Adriano Stuart Walter Stuart->Alvaro,


Rubens Francisco Luchetti, José Mojica Marins,


José Mojica Marins,

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