O Homem do Dia

Release date: 02. 21. 1958
Release year: 1958
Type: movie
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 110 min
Genre: Drama, Musical,
Language: Portuguese,
Country: Portugal,



Tó and Pedro are cyclists from rival clubs, sponsored by small, highly competitive local companies: Famel (bicycles) and Caves (wines). Their competition extends to girls. Clara, the school teacher, ends up by marrying Tó, after he suffers a nasty accident which Pedro was involved - or that may have been Pedro's fault. 1 year later, it's again competition day when Clara gives birth to a son, and a similar head-to-head race finish... Written by Artemis-9  

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María Dulce->Clara, Alves Barbosa->Tó, Elita Martos->Dolores, Alves da Costa->Júlio, the mestre, Costinha->D. Paco, Mário Pereira->Patela, Camilo de Oliveira->Quim, Armando Cortez->Agostinho, the priest, Manuel Santos Carvalho Celestino Ribeiro->Bobet, Rosinda Rosa->Tina, Rui Gomes António Palma Alberto Ribeiro Eduardo Rosa->Criado,


José Maud,


Henrique Campos,

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