Release date: 05. 17. 2011
Release year: 2011
Type: movie
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 85 min
Genre: Drama,
Language: Portuguese,
Country: Brazil,



Rânia is a teenager girl who lives on Santa Teresinha hill in the city of Fortaleza. Her busy days are also occupied by the dream of being a dancer. Rânia's best friend, Zizi, introduces her to 'Sereia da Noite', a local joint where fun, dance, money and sex rock the night. When Rânia meets the choreographer Estela, she will be torn between the possibility to make money in the nightclub and the will to become a "real dancer". Written by Anonymous  

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Mariana Lima->Estela, Rob Das->Belga, Graziela Felix->Rânia, Nataly Rocha->Zizi,


Luisa Marques, Roberta Marques,


Roberta Marques,

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