Sadie Clove

Release date: 05. 15. 2011
Release year: 2011
Type: movie
Rating: 0/10
Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery,
Language: English,
Country: USA,



After experiencing a series of unexplained seizures, Sadie Clove attends several sessions with therapist Dr. Rainer to find the underlying cause of her new found medical condition. As time progresses and Sadie's condition begins to worsen, Dr. Rainer becomes concerned by Sadie's inability to remember portions of her childhood, especially one summer spent at an aunt's house who was known to practice the dark arts. When confronted with the issue, Sadie's parents are reluctant to tell Dr. Rainer the events of that summer and how it relates to Sadie, but once they visit the aunt's house, the Clove family's demons are brought to the surface and manifest in an unexpected, and bloody, way. Written by Anonymous  

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Catherine Kinsey->Sadie Clove, Ashley Renfroe->Greg Clove, Mia Frost->Laura Clove, David Kilgo->Demon, Dave Crabb->Dr. Rainer, Heather Kamil->Crystal, Joshua Chandler->Phil, Brandon Ray->Danny, Sean DeArmond->Mr. Hastur, Sarah Virginia Brock->Rachel, Kaleb Estes->Jonathan, David Gregson->Dr. Moseley, Charla Cochran->Mrs. Elliot, Jeffrey Hallman->Detective Powell, Bernadette Chapman->Mrs. Hoover,


Spencer Simpson,


Kenneth Hurd,

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