Yankee Fakir

Yankee Fakir

Release date: 04. 01. 1947
Release year: 1947
Type: movie
Rating: 6/10
Runtime: 71 min
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery,
Language: English,
Country: USA,



"Yankee" Davis and his partner,"Shaggy" Hartley, a couple of carny-type traveling (usually just ahead of the law) pitchmen with their own tent to pitch from, arrive in a small Arizona town, close to the Mexican border. Davis falls in love with Mary Mason, daughter of a Border Patrolman. Mr. Mason is murdered, and Davis sets out to find the killer, and thinks the town's richest citizen might know something about it. Written by Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>  

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Douglas Fowley->Murgatroyd Bartholomew 'Yankee' Davis, Joan Woodbury->Mary Mason, Clem Bevans->Shaggy 'The Colonel' Hartley, Ransom M. Sherman->Professor Newton (as Ransom Sherman), Frank Reicher->Banker H.W. Randall, Marc Lawrence->Duke, Walter Soderling->Sheriff, Eula Guy->Mrs. Irmatrude Tetley, Forrest Taylor->Border Guard Mason, Elinor Appleton->Duke's informer, Peter Michael->Border Guard Walker, Elspeth Dudgeon->Scrubwoman, Ernie Adams->Charlie, Tom Bernard->Tommy Mason (as Tommy Bernard),


Mindret Lord, Richard S. Conway,


W. Lee Wilder,

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